Enterprise Time and Attendance Software Quotes

time and attendance software quotes

Getting an time and attendance software quote is easy to get … all you need to do is fill out the quote widget below.  However, the hard part is knowing exactly what your business needs and whether or not the features of the enterprise time and attendance software match your needs.

Providers of will dazzle you with marvelous features and how its going to revolutionize your team productivity and satisfaction.

The important thing for you to do is focus on YOUR business and and what it and your team needs.  This is harder than it sounds.  Before sharing your contact info below in the quote widget to get quotes on time and attendance software, we recommend contemplating the answers to the question below that about your business, so you can make a thoughtful decision on the best time and attendance software for you.

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Questions for Enterprise Time and Attendance Software Quotes

How important is time and attendance to your business?

Maybe the first question to answer for yourself is how critical time and attendance software is for your business.  Is time and attendance software critical to your business and team satisfaction or is it simply to check a box for your auditors or other type of compliance? 

If it’s the latter, you may be able to get away with a very “bare bones” software and you may not even need to go through the enterprise time and attendance software quote process. You may even be able to get away with a free tool or an add-on to google sheets that can check the box on time and attendance for your employees.

How many employees or users of the time and attendance software do you have?

This should be a relatively easy question to answer but it’s good to have this number ready off the top of your head because time and attendance software providers are going to ask you this question right way.  Regardless of if their pricing model is per/user or a lump sum price.

Where and how will your employees use the time and attendance software?

This is an open-ended question and arguably the most important thing to contemplate before you get on the phone and make a decision on time and attendance software.

Where are your employees?  Are they on-site or remote?  Or maybe a hybrid of the two?  Will they be using a company device to user the software or do they need a mobile app to do it on the go?  There are a lot of other little questions wrapped up in here and you can paint the picture of how your team will use it.

time and attendance software quotes

What type of technology do you want to use?

There are a lot of different ways you can monitor time and attendance.  Probably the simplest way is to have some software that sits on a device (either mobile or desktop) and the user checks in and out as needed.

You can have more advanced technologies for companies that want time and attendance software on-ste.  You can have swipe cards that monitor entry and egress or even biometric fingerprint scans that can track the same thing. 

What is your budget?

Here’s an obvious one but important.  Do you know how much you can spend for time and attendance software?  Again, if this is not a critical part of managing your team, you might be able to get away with a free tool or a very basic custom build on top of google sheets.

Many software providers are going to ask this question and I often bristle when I get it.  But giving them an honest and open answer is perfectly ok even if it’s a very small amount.

Do you need to host the data for time and attendance software?

enterprise time and attendance software

For many different reasons, a lot of companies prefer to hold and host the data related to there business (especially those related to PII about their employees).

However, many software providers for time and attendance software only provide software solutions that are cloud / web-based.  If you need to host this data yourself, you can eliminate quite a few providers as soon as you get time and attendance software quotes.  If you need to keep data on site completely on your servers and in your possession, it might be a good idea to explore a custom enterprise time and attendance software.

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