Business Phone System Quotes

business phone system quotes

Business phone system quotes are easy to get … but the hard part is comparing them “apples to apples” once you have them. 

Providers of business phone systems don’t make it easy on you to compare their offers and understand which is giving you the best price and package.  You won’t be able to make heads or tails of all of the business phone system quotes because they will all be offering you different pricing models: subscription vs lump sum, variable vs “all you can eat”, monthly vs annual vs all-in cost, and so-on.

If you want to jump right in and start getting business phone system quotes right now, then go right ahead and fill out your contact info below.  However, we recommend you spend at least 15 minutes thinking carefully about the questions below the quote form and what the needs of your business are.  After that, sifting through the various business phone system quotes will be much easier and less overwhelming.

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Questions for Business Phone System Quotes

Will your system be used heavily or rarely by your employees?

Maybe the first question to answer before getting business phone system quotes is: how vital is this system to your overall business?  For many teams that do most of their internal and external communication through email and tools like Microsoft Teams, having a high-powered business phone system is simply overkill.  

However, for many teams (like call centers, customer support, or inside sales teams), having a robust business phone system is paramount and can make a substantial impact on productivity.  How important is the phone system to your business?

How many employees or users of the phone system will you have?

You are going to get this question straight away from business phone system providers — especially for those that price on a $$/employee subscription model.  Hopefully this will be a simple question to answer, but maybe you only need a subgroup of people within your company that need access to your business phone system.

Do you want physical phones (hardware) or only phone software?

This question is another question that should be relatively easier to answer although you should confirm with the decision-makers within your company that they have the same vision for the phone system.  Some employees and managers prefer to have the traditional business phones that they can physically pick up and grab.  There is something nice about holding an actual device after spending so much time with software-only solutions.

For many teams, they have already completely adjusted to conducting all of their business and communication through their laptops and cell phones, that there is little drawback to going with a software-only business phone system.  This is something to consider when you think of the cost involved with actual hardware.

business phone system quotes

Do your employees need to be able to make and receive calls while out of the office (off-premises)?

A lot of business these days is conducted on the go, but there are still many, many companies that need to keep their phone communication on premises for security or quality control reasons. 

If you already have a lot of remote workers, having a system that is only accessible on premises probably doesn’t make sense.

Does your team need to make international calls?

This is a very important question that falls more into the category of business phone plan rather than system.  However, you will realize that some of these companies that give you a business phones system quote have the phone service and the system completely intertwined.  That’s why it’s important to give some thought to questions like this and other related how your business phone service will be used.

Do you need to host the business phone system yourself (on premises)?

For security reasons, there are many companies that prefer to host their business phone system on premises.  It’s important to note that cloud business phone systems can still maintain security as well if not better than on-premises business phone systems, but for various reasons, some companies need to host it themsleves.

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