The Best Autoresponder for Clickfunnels

best autoresponder for clickfunnels

The best autoresponder for Clickfunnels is a subjective question with a subjective answer.  However, we’re not going to shy away from declaring a winner in the contest for the best autoresponder for Clickfunnels (with one honorable mention).

However, please keep in mind that this is simply our opinion and you might may have completely different needs or value different features in an autoresponder for Clickfunnels. 

Best AutoResponder For Clickfunnels = GetResponse

And the winner is: GetResponse!

GetResponse is our favorite email marketing suite and the best autoresponder for Clickfunnels in our opinion.

We have always favored GetResponse for the free email templates and pre-built follow-up systems they have built into the platform.  However, the ease that you can integrate a GetResponse autoresponder with Clickfunnels is what clinched it for us. 

How to connect email autoresponder to Clickfunnels

Assuming you already have your GetResponse account created and an autoresponder set up, you can connect the autoresponder with ClickFunnels in under 3 months. Just follow the guide in the video below.

Even if you don’t have your account created yet with GetResponse, creating a new account and setting up the autoresponder with ClickFunnels can be finished in less than 15 minutes.

Does ClickFunnels have an autoresponder?

Yes – ClickFunnels does have an autoresponder that they call “Follow Up Funnels”.

It’s important to note a few things about this autoresponder on ClickFunnels:

  • It is available on the Platinum Plan.
  •  You need to set up a SMTP integration

Once you have those in place, you simply follow the instructions on their support page to set up an autoresponder.

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